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Warrior’s Revenge by Coreene Callahan

After the death of her parents, Lady Aurora de Marquise is left with no illusions. Stripped of her birthright and betrayed by her uncle, escape is her only option. With her life on the line, she narrowly avoids another murder attempt—only to run headlong into Lord Brigham de Mornay, a man most consider a monster…

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Before the Larkspur Blooms by Caroline Fyffe

Thomas Donovan spent eight long years in prison, convicted of a crime he didn’t commit. Hannah Hoskins is the girl who once loved him, even while her suitor, the town’s deputy sheriff, is determined to destroy him. When a crime spree starts anew, suspicion immediately falls on Thom, and it’s up to Hannah to prove his innocence, earn him a second chance at life—and win them both a second chance at love.

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Scandal in the Night by Elizabeth Essex

Assuming a false identity as a prim and proper governess, the bold and beautiful Cat Rowan thinks she has finally escaped the wild misadventures of her past—and the wickedly handsome spy who seduced her in India. Imagine her surprise when her employer introduces his brother: the very same cad who destroyed her heart!

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