Here are a few questions that get asked a lot about our site (click on the question to view the answer):

Are the books really free?

Yes! Absolutely! 100% FREE! We even pay to ship them for you. There is nothing to buy now, later or ever!

Sound too good to be true? Well, it isn’t! The authors featured on the site are generous enough to donate their signed books to us and we turn around and give them to you! It’s that simple. We just love books and love introducing readers to new authors.

How do you pick the winners each week?

We use special giveaway widgets that are specifically designed to manage contests and giveaways. These services integrate with random.org to ensure the winners are chosen fairly.

I really want to win this week. How can I improve my chances of being picked?

Most of our contests include a social media component, where you can like the author on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and/or tweet about the giveaway to earn extra entries.

Note that none of these extra actions are required – you can earn 5 entries just by signing in – but if you really want to win, there’s usually up to 8 extra points up for grabs by liking, following and tweeting!

I'm a winner! How/when do I receive my book?

All winners are sent an email to the address they signed up with (this is why including your email address in the form is required). The email you receive as a winner will ask for your shipping address so that we can mail you the book!

You can usually expect the book in about 3-4 weeks. However, sometimes they take longer as books are delayed from publishers, authors are on tour and can’t get us the signed books until they return, and various other reasons. Please feel free to send us an email at info@freebookfriday.com if you haven’t seen your book within 6 weeks from the winners’ announcement.

I'm an author and I'd like to feature my book on the site. How do I do that?

We would love to feature your book! You can find all the details by going through the Authors/Publishers page. Or feel free to email us at info@freebookfriday.com.

I have a product that I think your site visitors would like. Can I advertise on your site?

Absolutely! We offer a few options for advertising on the site. You can find all the details by going through the Authors/Publishers page. Or feel free to email us at info@freebookfriday.com.

What happens if my book gets lost or damaged in the mail?

Unfortunately, these things do happen from time to time and we can’t take responsibility for lost or damaged books. We only receive a limited amount of books from the publisher/author for each giveaway so replacing a lost or damaged book is not possible. We urge all winners to provide us with complete mailing addresses in USPS approved format to ensure that our free books end up where they’re supposed to go!

Why do you only ship to the US?

As a courtesy to our authors, we are trying to keep shipping costs down. (Unfortunately, Canadian shipping prices have tripled in the last few years and it’s no longer affordable for authors to ship up north!) However, if you have a friend with a US address who is willing to forward to you, we can definitely send to them.