Goddesses Can Wait by Kim Baccellia

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About the Book:

When fifteen-year-old Jordan Lake, an Audrey Hepburnolic and goddess magnet, is given a chance to go to Paris to help unravel the mystery behind her grandmother’s lost years, she jumps at the chance even when she senses something is off.

But when she kisses a cute Parisian boy a la Roman Holiday style, she switches bodies with Aphrodite and is sent to the Greek Netherworld a la Freaky Friday style. She now must enlist the help of Greek god Ares as well as complete Athena’s seven trials in order to return home, in spite of the fact that time is running out. If she can’t get Aphrodite back to the Eiffel Tower at midnight, she’ll be struck in the Greek Netherworld forever.

Exclusive interview with the author:

1) What’s your typical celebration ritual when you sell a new book or get exciting news about an existing one? Anything strange or quirky we should know about?

In my critique group, whenever any of us publish a book, we share a fun treat. I shared something Parisian. In this case some Madeline cookies from a French bakery.

2) How long does it take you to write a book?

It depends on the book. For GODDESSES CAN WAIT it took about six months to write the first draft. Then I did numerous revisions!

3) What do you do in your spare time when you’re not writing?

I practice yoga and can be found at the local Yoga Works studio at least 3xs a week. I’m a bookaholic and read all the time! I also volunteer at my church.

4) What’s the worst mistake you’ve ever made as an author? The best decision you’ve made as an author?

My worst mistake has to be being so worried that if I didn’t get published, I’d never be. So I rushed a project when I should have slowed down and revised it more.

The best decision I made had to be being okay with just writing my story and not worrying about the latest trends.

5) We’d love to hear all about the specific moment you got the idea for your book. Were you in the shower? Jogging? Out to dinner? When/how did your book idea actually hit you?

For the Goddesses series, I came up with the idea after I received numerous rejections for my YA novel CROSSED OUT. While I was jogging, I outlined another project which would be ‘fun’, ‘light’, and involved a girl who loved an icon from the 50s and gets caught up in magic. So I basically made lemonade out of the lemons coming my way!

About the author:

Kim Baccellia is a YA author and Staff reviewer for YA Books Central. She loves parrots, yoga, poetry, Jaime from the Outlander series, and anything Parisian. A good place to find her is either at the local Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf with a nommy iced tea latte or a Barnes & Noble where she’ll be perusing the YA section. Visit Kim online at www.kim-baccellia.com.

Giveaway info:

Title: Goddesses Can Wait
Author: Kim Baccellia
Publisher: Zumaya Publications
Author website: www.kim-baccellia.com

5 eBooks (plus autographed FBF postcards) and 1 Signed Hardcopy (plus swag from the author) will be given away on Friday, May 26, 2017!

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