Closer Home by Kerry Anne King

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When Lise Redding’s estranged sister, country-pop star Callie Redfern, is killed during a publicity stunt, the small-town music teacher is dragged from her quiet life into the spotlight.

Lise hadn’t spoken with Callie in ten years, ever since Callie’s betrayal split them apart, so she’s shocked to discover that she’s inherited her sister’s massive estate. Not only that, but Lise is now the guardian of her sixteen-year-old niece, Ariel, to whom she’s practically a stranger.

Overwhelmed by grief and her new responsibilities, Lise thinks things couldn’t get worse. But overnight she becomes the paparazzi’s latest obsession. Suddenly she and her longtime friend Dale are plastered over the front pages of the tabloids. Desperate to escape both the media and her memories, Lise sets off with Ariel on a search for the girl’s father. Yet instead of granting Lise a reprieve, the quest brings her face-to-face with long-buried secrets. Only by learning to forgive will she be able to find her way back home.

Exclusive interview with the author:

1) You’ve written fantasy and paranormal mystery (as Kerry Schafer), but Closer Home is your first women’s fiction. That’s a pretty dramatic switch. What inspired you to write in a different genre?

I have to give all of the credit for that decision to my brilliant agent, Deidre Knight. She was reading my paranormal mystery, Dead Before Dying, when she hit me up to try women’s fiction. She thought that the voice I used for my strong female main character in that book would be a natural in women’s fiction. She also pointed out that in all of my books I’ve worked to write empowered female leads. Honestly? I was skeptical initially, but once I got started writing I realized that women’s fiction is a natural genre for me. I’m a licensed therapist. I’ve lived through a lot of my own grief and tragedy. Closer Home almost seemed to write itself.

2) How did you come by your pen name of Kerry Anne King?

My publisher asked me to choose a pen name, since Closer Home is so different from the other books I’ve written. I wanted a name that let me feel like I was still me. You know? I couldn’t imagine going to a writers’ conference or book signing and calling myself Samantha or Bridgette or some such. My life is fragmented enough already, trying to keep track of my day job and my writing, so I needed a name that helps me keep everything tied together. So I stayed with Kerry. Anne is actually my middle name, although I very seldom use it. And King was my grandmother’s maiden name.

3) Much of the plot of this book revolves around music. Are you a musician? Is music important to you?

I always say that “I’m musical, but not a musician.” I love music. I play the piano and I played the tuba in band in high school. (I know, right? Polka music is super fun when you’re a tuba player.) I also sing around the house. But for me it’s something I enjoy, something that feeds my soul. It’s not an essential part of my reason for being. I live with musicians and I can say from experience that there is a profound difference. Musicians have to make music, in the same way that I have to write, or else they become unwell.

4) This would make a great film. Any talks of turning your book into a movie?

There is a lot of talk about turning this book into a movie – between me and my Viking! So far, the producers have not been thronging around my door, but I keep hoping they’ll turn up! I do think it would make a great movie and I’d want Carrie Underwood to do the sound track.

5) What’s next for you? Are you working on another book?

I’m always working on another book! I Wish You Happy, the story of a deeply empathic woman who becomes enmeshed in a difficult friendship with a suicidal stranger, is already in production and will be released on July 1st. And I’m already hard at work writing the next one. Oh – and my Kerry Schafer novel The World Tree Girl will be releasing on August 8th. I’ve been a little busy!

About the author:

Kerry Anne King is the author of the international bestselling novel Closer Home. Licensed both as an RN and a Mental Health Counselor, she draws on her experience working in the medical and mental health fields to explore themes of loss, grief, and transformation. Kerry lives in a little house in the big woods of the inland northwest with her Viking, three cats, a dog, and a yard full of wild turkey and deer. She also writes fantasy and mystery novels as Kerry Schafer. Visit Kerry Anne online at

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Title: Closer Home
Author: Kerry Anne King
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5 autographed copies will be given away on Friday, February 17, 2017.

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