From the FBF Library! Free Love by Annette Meyers

1 copy of the book will be given away on Friday, September 2, 2016, along with some awesome FBF Swag!

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About the Book:

The time is 1920. The place is Greenwich Village, where food and wine are cheap, talk and ideas are rich, and love is free. This heady atmosphere has drawn actors, artists, and writers from all over who call the winding streets of the Village home. And it is here, amid the hot jazz and cool gin, that a free-spirited young poet finds her perfect milieu—and deadly danger…


Olivia Brown feels she has nothing left. Tragically, she has lost her fiancé in the Great War and her beloved guardian in the flu epidemic. Yet much to her surprise, her attorney informs her that she does, indeed, have something: an inherited brownstone on Bedford Street in Greenwich Village.

Her building is uninhabited except for one tenant, the strange, nocturnal man who has a lifelong lease on the ground-floor flat. He is, of all things, a private detective. In no time at all, Olivia is working cases with him, selling her sonnets to Vanity Fair, breaking hearts, and flaunting Prohibition at a speakeasy called Chumley’s.

Then one evening after too many martinis, she literally trips over the body of a woman. Not only is the woman dead, but her face is shockingly familiar, for she bears an uncanny resemblance to Olivia Brown herself!

Thus begins a mystery that pits the girl from Bedford Street against a keen-witted killer. Her only hope is to somehow smoke out the murderer before everyone in the Village is lamenting the fate of the poet Olivia Brown—the one with so much promise, the one who died so young…

Want more info on all the author’s mysteries? Check out Annette’s Website here!

About the Author:

Annette Meyers was born in Manhattan, grew up on a chicken farm in Toms River, NJ, graduated from Douglass College, Rutgers University, and came running back to NYC as fast as she could. She is the author of 8 Smith and Wetzon Wall Street and Broadway mysteries, using her experience as a Wall Street headhunter and arbitrator, as well as her Broadway experience as Harold Prince’s assistant. The most recent novel is Hedging. Her other works: 2 Olivia Brown 1920s Greenwich Village mysteries, Free Love and Murder Me Now; and a stand-alone psychological suspense novel: Repentances. Her noir short stories have appeared in many anthologies. One of these stories- “You Don’t Know Me” – was included in James Ellroy’s edited Best American Mystery Stories, 2002.

As Maan Meyers, she and her husband Martin write The Dutchman series. There are now 7 history mysteries in the series, and numerous short stories that feature characters from the novels. The setting is New York in the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. The 7th novel – The Organ Grinder – set in 1899, was published in October, 2008. THE DUTCHMAN, the first book in the series, is now available on Kindle. Annette was the 10th president of Sister in Crime.

Giveaway info:

Title: Free Love
Author: Annette Meyers
Publisher: Mysterious Press

1 copy of the book (along with FBF swag) will be given away on Friday, September 2, 2016!

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