Legend’s Legacy by Amanda Witow

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Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Historical Fantasy

Where prophecy is ambiguous and hatred questioned, Atalanta and Damien must navigate the strange juxtaposition between old oaths and new.

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  1. HOWARD STARK June 25, 2016 at 2:20 am #

    This is new for me where to begin I am a 69 years young born & raised in LAS VEGAS < NEVADA. I have always had an interest in books I had access to books in the usual , libraries , regular bookstores ,used bookstores ( at least 10 ) & mall bookstores. Started with war types from history in high school , then drifted to space & scyfy then scyfy/ fantasy then lightly magicial / paranormal & lastly with your comicbooks super heros running the gambit. So then last year my wife got a promotion ( VA) but it was in the middle of Nebraska. We have been here 1 yr , and not a lot of close book store unless its Omaha sports or college type. So since 5 years I have to deal with a host of medical issues , very few book stores so I turned to the internet with a new generation of authors some I have read but there is a whole 90% I had no knowledge of from romance to supernatural is out. So I have been checking out what's out there a the different websites especially the contests & this has peaked my interest in all these authors & books because in vegas I could just go in peruse the books ,handle them , read them to see if they interested me and I could go home with from 2 to 5 books to get through 2-3 months. Now I have to read a short synopsis of what a book is about without touching , feeling , or opening it to see if it going to be something for me.I have never sought advice before is there any forethouhts from any of the authors or anyone have any sage advice , or if you live around Omaha ( especially Papillion, Nebraska ) and I am still blindly feeling like a stranger in a strangely familiar state . THANKS.