Quantum Assault by Réal Laplaine

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Autographed card from Real Laplaine - author of thrillersQuantum Assault Human traffickers get in the cross-hairs of Keeno McCole’s gun In this second novel in the Keeno Crime Thrillers, a corporation buys a thousand young girls from the human trafficking pipeline and injects them with an experimental nanotech-virus, one designed to change their physical anatomy. The experiment goes terrible wrong and now threatens the world population as the nano-virus runs rampant and indiscriminately kills countless thousands of women in its path. Keeno and team must race across the globe in pursuit of the man who holds the key and to stop the epidemic before it becomes a full-blown world-wide pandemic.

Exclusive interview with the author:

1) What makes the main character, the crime fighter in this series, different?

Keeno McCole is unique because he embodies the wild spirit of a man who grew up between two cultures – the wilds of Canada, where he learned the art of survival, weapons, hunting and the ways of the Indians, and the big city life where he learned to put his skills to use. McCole is driven by an incident that happened when he was just four years old when his mother was attacked by her boyfriend, and as he choked the life out of her, Keeno came up behind the man and drove a pair of scissors into him and saved his mother from a gruesome death. From that day forward, Keeno McCole knew the road he would walk as a career crime-fighter.

2) Is Keeno dysfunctional when it comes to his personal life?

No, in fact, I specifically wanted Keeno McCole to be the opposite of the Bond (007) image of a womanizer or the over-used image of a dedicated law enforcement officer who can’t keep his or her personal love life in the balance. Keeno has a strong sense of loyalty and a love for just one woman, and in Quantum Assault we see that bond between them grow ever stronger.

3) Are the Keeno Crime Thrillers generally limited to the Canadian domain?

No. As with the first book in this new series, INTRUSION, which took Keeno and his team to China, America and the Great White North of Canada, QUANTUM ASSAULT takes them on a chase through Nigeria, Macau (China) and Venezuela, as well as into the Canadian hinterland. The Keeno Crime Thrillers are thematically based on high-concept ideas – broad crimes which affect nations and millions, if not billions of people.

4) Why Canada for a crime thriller series – isn’t the crime level low in Canada?

Relatively speaking, yes, that’s true. However, the Keeno Series never deals in serial killers or other crimes. Keeno and his team tackle bigger players in the criminal arena, such as corporate corruption on a global scale, the introduction of factors which would change the landscape and freedoms of our world if not tackled and stopped – and that is where Keeno and his team come into play.

5) Is Keeno a likeable character or is he a sour and frustrated crime fighter as often seen in other series?

Keeno is what the reader perceives him to be – but, that said, I did give him certain qualities which I think are important. First of all, he’s a straight-shooter and a terrible diplomat. He is stubborn, headstrong, sometimes rash, but loyal and fearless to a fault. He takes a lot of bullets in this series, and there are times when the reader will ask, “Did he make it?” Keeno loves ONE woman, and in his crazy world she is the balance. Besides that, he is a rebel and a maverick, refuses to wear a uniform and his most lethal weapon is a four inch throwing knife which he perfected using by the age of seven.

About the author:

Réal Laplaine writes high-concept thrillers in the crime, geopolitical and scifi genres. He has published eight books, QUANTUM ASSAULT being his most recent. Visit Réal online at www.booksbyreallaplaine.com.

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Title: Quantum Assault
Author: Réal Laplaine
Publisher: Netherworld Books
Author website: www.booksbyreallaplaine.com

5 autographed copies will be given away on Friday, May 13, 2016.

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