Girl from the Stars Book 1 – Daybreak by Cheree Alsop

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Liora Day, half-human, half-mess with her and you’ll die Damaclan, had been thrown onto a rough path at a very early age. But when she is broken out of a cage by Devren, the young captain of the SS Kratos, she is shown that perhaps humanity does have a heart. The Kratos is set on a mission to rescue fallen surveyors from the Revolutionaries, and Liora is given the choice to follow her Damaclan instincts, or trust Devren’s dark eyes and captivating smile that promise an adventure unlike any she has ever experienced.

Exclusive interview with the author:

1) After this many books, how do you keep the content and story fresh? For you and your readers?

After writing more than 30 books, this can be a challenge, but I am always pushing myself beyond the last storyline. Characters need to grow in a believeable way, and so does the story. If something feels forced, I delete it without hesitation. Storylines may have been done before, but it is the characters and their reactions and emotions that keep a storu fresh. By the middle of a story, you know you have a done a good job with character development when you try to write something and the character argues with you because it isn’t something true to them. Books really do write themselves. I have had moments of shock and denial myself, moments where I didn’t want something to happen, but it had to in order to be true to the story. I have to listen to the story and the characters, and when I do, I grow as an author.

2) How long does it take you to write a book?

I publish a book every two and a half months. I have a very tight writing process. I am a ‘pantser’ author, so I don’t outline much, but I know the beginning, the climax, and where it will end. I want to be just as surprised as my readers. If I am entertained by the story as I write it, and if I find myself thinking about my characters and the storyline long after it is written, I know I’ve done a good job. I love being able to release books so quickly because it keeps my readership engaged with my writing. There is always the reader who, as soon as a book is released, sends me an email the next day asking for the next one. I love it!

3) What’s the first thing you do when starting a new book?

The first word is always the hardest to write. I think it’s because after I’ve written it, I can’t go back. I’ve made a commitment to myself and the book in my mind, and I won’t stop until it’s done. That being said, I begin my process by making a playlist for the book. It is usually 8-10 songs, and each elicits an emotion I want to capture in the book. I listen to this playlist everywhere- my car, in the shower, while working out; in the moments when I am not at my computer, the playlist allows me to continue working on my story. At the end, I put each playlist on my website so readers can listen to what I did while I wrote the book they hold in their hands.

4) When did you first know that you wanted to be a writer? What was your first writing experience?

I grew up on a 3,000 acre farm in rural Utah. Cutting hay and feeding cows leaves lots of time for the imagination to run wild. I read every book I could get my hands on, and fell in love with Westerns first. In fact, the first book I ever wrote was a tragic, romantic Western called ‘One Man Alone’ written in a blue spiral notebook when I was in eight grade. My mom was kind enough to read it through my sprawled handwriting. By the end, she cried. It was at that moment that I realized the power of a writer to evoke emotions in his or her readers.

5) No matter how many books you write, I’m sure each one has it’s special place in your heart. What makes Girl from the Stars unique?

This is the first sci-fi series I have ever written. I am a huge fan of Firefly, Star Wars, and Star Trek, and I felt that if I wrote in the sci-fi genre, I needed to make it epic. It needed to be something different with characters that can stand on their own, believeable both as villains and heroes, and grow during the story. I wanted a strong female character others could look up to, but who had her own weaknesses as well. All in all, writing the Girl from the Stars series has been even more fun than I could have imagined. One book has quickly become three, with the fourth coming out next month. I predict there will be at least 3 more along with it.

About the author:

Cheree Alsop is an award-winning, best-selling author who has published over 30 books in the fantasy, contemporary, paranormal, dystopian, and sci-fi/space opera genres. She teaches at writers conferences and schools across Utah, and enjoys instructing others about writing and publishing. Cheree is a fulltime author, mother, and chocoholic. You can find her books at

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Title: Girl from the Stars Book 1- Daybreak
Author: Cheree Alsop
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4 autographed copies will be given away on Friday, March 11, 2016.

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