GirlGoyle by Better Hero Army

5 autographed copies will be given away on Friday, August 21, 2015

Girlgoyle tells the story of fourteen-year-old Tiffany Noboru, who dies and is mysteriously drawn into the world of gargoyles. Now she is meeting bizarre new people, discovering her magical abilities, and learning the landscape of a strange and captivating world where gargoyles protect the living by hunting ghosts. When Tiffany’s own killer, a maniacal ghost named Bones, starts hunting her again, she must learn to fight the gargoyle way in order to save herself and the entire gargoyle world.

Written for young women ages 10 and older, Girlgoyle is a fusion of full-length novel and brilliant Manga artistry. This is the first book of four in the Hollow Mountain Butterfly series.

Exclusive interview with the author:

1) No matter how many books you write, I’m sure each one has it’s own challenges. How was this book more challenging to write than your others? How was it easier?

Girlgoyle is my first Middle-Grade book, so my use of language had to be kept in check. Readers of my Plagued States of America series know that my characters tend to have colorful dialogue, which is totally inappropriate and unnecessary in a middle grade setting. The editing process was considerably longer because of this.

2) Considering a book from the first word you write to the moment you see it on a bookstore shelf, what’s your favorite part of the process? What’s your least favorite?

This is a great question because every writer will have a different answer, but in their hearts (as in mine) I know that the hardest part of any project is when you give it to your beta reader(s) for the first time. That’s when you are opening your chest, showing them your heart, and asking them if they want to stab it repeatedly. No one’s skin is thick enough to take that without a little residual burn.

As for my favorite part, I love the whole process, from beginning to end. I hate when it’s over because there’s nothing left for me to do, so I go straight into writing the next book.

3) What’s your strangest writing quirk or habit? Something that would make all of us go, “huh?”

I don’t let anyone see my work in progress. Ever. If I’m at home writing and my wife comes in the room, I close the lid of my laptop. I don’t even want someone in the same room as me if I can help it.

4) How did you get the idea for the novel?

I specifically wanted to write something that was a cross-over with gargoyles and ghosts because it’s a theme that hasn’t been done to death yet. The main character Tiffany didn’t start out as a good girl in my early concepts either, but as I flushed out the world, I decided a Harry Potter style of story was more appropriate for the topic than a dark horror. The name Girlgoyle just hit me one day and after that I knew it needed Manga illustrations. I actually spent a lot of time working on the series name after that, trying to make something that was both bookish and Manga at the same time. I used a Manga name generator for ideas, but finally went with the name of the place they live and what Tiffany means to it: the Hollow Mountain Butterfly. Each phase of my discovery, from the moment I chose gargoyles and ghosts, helped create the “idea”. There was never one single “ah-ha!” moment, but instead a series of small “ooohhhh, that’ll be cool” thoughts.

5) What’s up next for you?

I am juggling three books-in-progress and a graphic novel script: the 4th installment to my Plagued States of America zombie series (which I know my fans are waiting for), I’m finishing the first draft of the second book in the Hollow Mountain Butterfly series (and interviewing artists for its illustrations), I am working on my second mainstream fiction book, and I am writing the script to Hedika Greene’s story (from Girlgoyle) for adaptation to a comic book mini-series.

About the author:

Evan Ramspott writes under the pen name Better Hero Army. He lives in California, enjoys his family, music, the beach, and writing. Girlgoyle, Nine Hours ‘Till Sunrise, and the Plagued States of America series of books are all available in trade paperback and eBook at Amazon, Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo. Visit Evan online at

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5 autographed copies will be given away on Friday, Aug 21, 2015

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