Never Too Late: Your Roadmap to Reinvention by Claire Cook

5 autographed copies will be given away on Friday, February 27, 2015.

Wondering how to get to that life you really thought you’d be living by now?

Claire Cook speaks to real women—our fears and obstacles and hopes and desires—and gives us cutting edge tools to get where we want to go. Bursting with inspiration, insider stories, and practical strategies. Filled with humor, heart, encouragement, and great quotes.

Claire shares everything she’s learned on her own journey— from writing her first book in her minivan at 45, to walking the red carpet at the Hollywood premiere of Must Love Dogs at 50, to becoming the international bestselling author of thirteen novels and a sought after reinvention speaker.

You’ll hop on a plane with Claire as you figure out the road to your own reinvention. You’ll laugh a lot and maybe even shed a few tears as Claire tells her stories and those of other reinventors, and shares her best tips for getting a plan, staying on track, pulling together a support system, building your platform in the age of social networking, dealing with the inevitable ups and downs, overcoming perfectionism, and tuning in to your authentic self to propel you toward your goals.

Never Too Late: Your Roadmap to Reinvention (without getting lost along the way) is real, grounded, and just the book you need to start reinventing your life.

Exclusive interview with the author:

1) After writing so many novels, what made you decide to write your first nonfiction book?

It just felt like time to give back, to share everything I’d learned on my own journey that might help other women in theirs. When I started writing Never Too Late, I wasn’t sure if it would turn out be a long blog post or what, but it took on a life of its own right away and I’m so glad I wrote it. Also, reinvention is the theme of my novels, too—in each of them the heroine is stuck in some way and trying to find her own next chapter. It’s also the theme of my own late-blooming life, so in that sense it wasn’t a huge jump.

2) So, what exactly is reinvention?

It can be lots of things, from a little tweak to a massive overhaul. Sometimes you choose it, and sometimes life throws you a curveball and it chooses you. But our world is changing so quickly right now that I think most of us will reinvent our lives at least once, and some of us will reinvent it many times. It can feel daunting, but once you push past that it can also be really empowering.

3) What 5 things would you suggest to someone who is contemplating a reinvention?

  1. Rise above the negativity. Whatever the motive, lots of people will tell you why you can’t or shouldn’t do whatever it is you want to do. You just have to decide to do it anyway. You might want to protect yourself a bit in the beginning, too. I didn’t tell anyone about my first novel until it was finished. You don’t need anyone’s permission—just do it!
  2. Be who you really are. The big buzz word these days is branding, but I think of it as authenticity. This is the first job I’ve ever had where I wasn’t pretending, or at least trying to pretend, to be a slightly different person. Who I am and what I write are totally in synch. There’s tremendous power in that!
  3. Confound expectations. If everybody’s doing it, it’s already been done. Put a little surprise in everything you do. Originality counts!
  4. Do something nice for someone. It’s easy to get needy when you’re struggling to figure out what’s next, but many of the great things that have happened to me were triggered by something nice I did for someone else. People talk—your actions determine what they say. As one of my characters once said, karma is a boomerang!
  5. Get your tech together. Everything you need to know about the world you want to conquer can be found online. Get your computer skills up to speed – fast! Take a class or find a computer mentor. Research. Network. Create an online presence on Facebook and Twitter. The Internet is a great equalizer – and there are so many opportunities out there just waiting for you to take advantage of them!

4) Besides reading Never Too Late, what else would you suggest?

Head over to my website, where you can download the free Never Too Late workbook to help you stay on track in your reinvention.

Never Too Late groups are starting too pop up online, too, which is very cool. I’m also getting some great invitations to teach reinvention workshops, so who knows, I might end up in your neck of the woods!

5) What’s up next for you?

For years, my readers have been asking for more from the Must Love Dogs characters, so I’ve turned the original book-turned-movie into a series. Must Love Dogs: New Leash on Life and Must Love Dogs: Fetch You Later are out in the world, and now I’m hard at work on Book 4. I’m having so much fun writing it and I learned a great lesson: ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR READERS!

About the author:

CLAIRE COOK wrote her first novel in her minivan at 45. At 50, she walked the red carpet at the Hollywood premiere of the movie adaptation of her second novel, Must Love Dogs, starring Diane Lane and John Cusack. She is now the USA Today bestselling author of thirteen books and a sought after reinvention speaker. If you have a buried dream, take it from Claire, it is NEVER TOO LATE! Visit Claire online at

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Title: Never Too Late: Your Roadmap to Reinvention
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5 autographed copies will be given away on Friday, Feb 27, 2015.

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    Want to read it!

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    Love Claire Cook! Would love to win!!!

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    I met Claire at a GRW meeting last year and she talked about this book. I’m keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks for the opportunity.

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    Huge fan.

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    Sounds like a great book. I’m going to read this book, whether I’m a lucky winner or not. Thanks for the chance to win. Thanks for the great interview.