Drown by Albie Cullen

by Albie Cullen

Murder Mystery
Ingram/Lightning Source

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About the Book:

Both love and murder begin with the discovery of a body. Billy Sunday, having spent ten years on the verge of rock superstardom, is starting to mentally and physically feel the negative effects of his nomadic, party-infused life. He is at a personal crossroads: continue to pursue his dream regardless the cost or retire to a more socially acceptable existence.
His mental dilemma is postponed when he suddenly becomes a prime murder suspect. He is the last known person seen with the victim who also happens to be the wife of his high profile record company president.
With a New York gossip columnist leading the media frenzy and the district attorney looking to bootstrap a sensational trial into a U.S. Senate seat it appears Billy will be found guilty of murder long before he finds the enlightenment he so desperately seeks and seemingly needs.
Drown is a fast-paced murder mystery that twists and turns through the music industry.

Exclusive Interview with the Author!

1) How did you get the idea for the book?

Working in the music business I was always finding myself in crazy situations with very interesting characters. As I would relate these stories everyone would say,”You should write a book”. I finally did and as one reviewer said “The wit of Kinky Friedman, the grit of Elmore Leonard and a bit of John Grisham.”

2) Let’s talk about your main character, Billy Sunday. How did you think him up and is there any of you in him?

Billy Sunday was a former major league baseball player who became a famous Evangelist preacher. The name for the character in my book was actually taken from the Grateful Dead song, “Ramble On Rose”, “Just like Billy Sunday in a shotgun, ragtime band.”

Most people who know me believe I am Billy Sunday in the novel. All I can say about that is so far no one has ever seen Billy and I in the same room.

3) Do you listen to music while you write? If yes, what do you like to listen to?

For as long as I can remember my life has revolved around music. I have about 5,000 songs on my iPod and still go to about 25+ concerts a year. There are many references to different musical artists in the book. My website also has the various songs featured in Drown. The artists whom I most enjoy are Bob Dylan, James McMurtry, The Black Crowes, Eric Lindell, Ryan Adams and the Cardinals, David Gray and Furthur.

4) What do you do in your spare time when you’re not writing?

Surf. If there are no waves then I ride motorcycles while thinking about surfing.

5) What’s up next for you?

Working on the final edit of “Local Talent”. Boston criminal defense attorney Aidan Glimmertwin is kidnapped after his client, gang member Chill Martin is acquitted of murdering a Boston Police officer. The search for Aidan reveals a tangled web of corruption in Boston between organized crime, the church and the judiciary.

Hopefully will be released in April (otherwise surfing and not writing will be the only thing that gets done until November).

About the Author:

Albie Cullen, 45, is a criminal defense attorney in Boston. He was previously employed in the entertainment business by firms representing such artists as The Rolling Stones, Elton John and Madonna. His love for music is the most influential aspect of all his life choices. Drown is his first novel.
Visit him online at www.AlbieCullen.com

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